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The Canadian Navy Virtual Fleet Review
Ships of the Canadian Navy's first century and beyond.

These pages contain illustrations and information on the ships of the Canadian navy over the past century and some that will sail with the navy into the future beyond the centennial. View them as through binoculars from the bridge of your ship as they pass by during a virtual sail-past.


The end of WWI brought a reduction in the Canadian Navy with obsolete ships being replaced by a ex-RN light cruiser (HMCS Aurora), two torpedo boat destroyers (HMCS Patrician and Patriot) and two H class submarines forming the foundation of Canada's naval capability in the years 1919-22. Further cuts in the naval budget saw the cruiser and submarines de-commissioned in 1922. A far-sighted decision was made in this period with the establishment of the naval reserves - RCNR (a reserve of professional seaman and mariners) and VR (Volunteer Reserve) with divisions throughout Canada. The naval reserves allowed for the eventual expansion of the RCN during the crisis years of the 1930s and 40s. As Canada emerged from the lean years of the depression and entered into the tension filled era leading to the outbreak of WWII the government began to support the build-up of a naval capability. It was during this period that the six River class destroyers that were to serve Canada in the early days of WWII were used to train the core of the RCN. With the commencement of hostilities in 1939 the Canadian Navy entered the severest challenge in its history with these six destroyers, four minesweepers and the naval training sailing ship HMCS Venture. The navy was comprised of 312 officers and 3,292 ranks in the RCN, RCNR and RCNVR.

HMCS AURORA - Light Cruiser. Displacement: 3512 tons. Length: 436 ft. Spd: 25 kts. Armament: Guns- 2 x 6', 6 x4 ", 2 x 3' Torps: 8 x 21 " tubes. Crew: 318. In service 1920-22.
HMCS PATRIOT,PATRICIAN - Torpedo Boat Destroyers. Displacement:1004 tons. Length:274 ft. Spd:30 kts. Armament: Guns 3 x 4" , 1 x 2 pdr, - Torps: 4 x 21" tubes. Crew:82 . In service 1920-1929.
CH 14, 15 - Submarines. Displacement: 363 tons. Length: 150 ft. Spd:13 surface/11 dived kts. Armament: Torps: 4 x 18" tubes. Crew:18 (4 officers). In service 1919-1922.
HMCS SAGUENAY, SKEENA (Skeena Class) FRASER,OTTAWA,RESTIGOUCHE,St.LAURENT (Fraser Class) - Destroyers. Displacement: 1337 -1345 tons. Length: 320-29 ft. Spd: 31 kts. Armament: Guns- 4 x 4.7", 2x 2 pdr. Torps: 8 x 21" tubes. Crew: 171 (10 officers) . In service 31 (Skeena, Saguenay) - 1945. Modified during WWII.
HMCS FUNDY - Minesweeping trawler (Fundy Class) . Displacement: 460 tons. Length: 163 ft. Spd: 12 kts. Armament: 1 x 12 pdr. Crew: 35 (3 officers). The Canadian Navy operated four antiquated armed trawlers (Fundy, Comox, Gaspe, Nootka) as minesweepers in the period leading to WWII. In service 1938-45.
HMCS VENTURE - Naval Training ship. Displacement: 250 tons. Length: 142 ft. Sail training vessel for the RCN 1937-1945. Redesigned Harbour Craft 190 in 1943 due to commissioning of second HMCS Venture.




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