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Freedom of the City Parade 10 May 2008

As part of the British Columbia Dragoons Regimental activities leading to the Regimental centennial in 2011 a reunion of the Regiment's past members was held on the weekend of 9-11 May 08 during which the City of Vernon hosted a Freedom of the City Parade on May 10 at the Vernon City Hall. The Regiment paraded for the public and conducted the traditions associated with a Freedom of the City Parade concluded by a "roll past" the gathered public by the Regiment in their G-Wagen reconnaissance vehicles.

Historical Background to Freedom of the City:

The Freedom of the City Parade is an example of a military tradition which began in England during the 15th century, and which is still an important part of the traditions of the combat units of the Canadian Army today. During the War of the Roses in England, cities were constantly endangered by marauding military units from one side or the other. Before a city would admit a military unit inside its walls, the Chief Constable would demand to know the reason the soldiers wished to enter the city, then escort their commander to the chambers of the city council. If the city leaders felt the unit could be trusted, it was granted the privilege known as "The Freedom of the City". This entitled the unit to enter the city with drums beating, banners flying, and weapons carried in a warlike manner. All these traditional elements were represented in the ceremony held on 10 May 08, with a slightly different approach. The role of the British Columbia Dragoons is Armored Reconnaissance, and as a result they are equipped with reconnaissance vehicles to carry out their missions. Hence, the unit conducted the parade using these vehicles in a “Roll Past” as they saluted Vernon Mayor Wayne Lippert and paid respect to the citizens of Vernon in doing so.

Freedom of the City Photo Gallery - these photos illustrate they key moments and participants in the Freedom of the City Parade.

Photos by: Cdr Paul Seguna, BCD Centennial Committee Public Relations Sub-Committee Chair

Senior Regimental staff prior to the parade CWO Drummond and LCol(Ret'd) Cyr
Captain Quentin Wyne, Unit Public Affairs Officer and Parade MC View of parade spectators
Regimental Sergeant Major Schindel forms the parade The Regiment marches to the parade site
The Regiment marches to the parade site The Regiment marches to the parade site
15th Field Band plays for the parade 15th Field Band plays for the parade
Regimental Guidon is unfurled Regimental Guidon Party marches on
Guidon Party takes parade position Guidon Party formed up on parade
BCD Officers on parade
Regiment presents arms
Regiment salutes their Honorary Colonel - Lieut Gen (Ret'd)- Dangerfield BCD Hon Col Jack Dangerfield returns the Regiment's salute
LCol Jamieson, BC Dragoon Commanding Officer salutes Vernon Mayor His Worship Wayne Lippert at the door to City Hall LCol Jamieson escorts Mayor Lippert to inspect the assembled Regiment
Mayor Lippert inspects troops Mayor Lippert inspects the band
Mayor Lippert addresses the parade LCol Jamieson and Mayor Lippert exchange gifts
Captains Quentin Wyne and Howard Hisdal with framed replica Regimental Guidon presented to the City of Vernon
Veteran in the audience
LCol Jamieson looks on during Mayor's address  
Regimental Roll Past begins BCD CO in lead vehicle
LCol Jamieson salutes during roll past Regimental Guidon Party rolls past
Parade VIPs and guests during Regimental roll past Mayor Lippert and Honorary LCol Walton during roll past of the Regiment
BCD Veterans including OMMS volunteer Ed Dickins are honoured during the parade. Regimental veterans




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