Okanagan Military Museum



This project involves the production of a series of booklets highlighting Canada's military history for use in schools in support of educators teaching Canadian history. The booklets help illustrate Canada's contribution to the major military events of the past and continuing participation in the world arena in areas such as peacekeeping and security.

There are a number of booklets which deal with various periods, themes and issues in our military history. The booklets were produced by museum staff and volunteers in conjunction with educators to ensure that the booklets are both accurate and meet the education needs of the audience that they are designed for.

This project is part of the museum's mandate in providing a resource for public education and a high priority has been assigned to educational projects of this type. The goal is to present the factual history of Canada's military heritage to encourage both greater awareness and further interest amongst students in this subject area. The hope is that students will thereby be motivated to learn more about Canada's military history for themselves from other more detailed sources.





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