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National Defence Outreach Program:

In 1998 a number of National Defence Public Affairs Offices (NDPAOs) were established throughout Canada to facilitate better direct communication between the Canadian Forces/Dept. of National Defence and the public. These offices and the Public Affairs officers and staff assigned to them were given the mandate of improving the information flow to and knowledge base of Canadians in defence issues at the regional level.

NDPAO - Pacific Region Mission:

Our job is to increase awareness and understanding of defence issues in British Columbia and the Yukon by engaging in a spectrum of community relations activities. We aim to explain, through the National Defence Outreach Program, the role and mandate of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence and describe the benefits they bring to Canadians .
Key Services:

We can bring Canadian Forces and National Defence spokespersons to your community and provide information about defence policies, programs and operations.
We look for opportunities to bring defence stakeholders in contact with the Canadian Forces through visits to bases and operations when possible.
We also help bring the Canadian Forces to your community through contact with various locally based stakeholder groups, such as academic and business organizations, and by participation in public events.
If you are interested in having a speaker address a group or in more information about the Canadian Forces please contact us:
Outreach contacts in BC:

National Defence Public Affairs Office - Pacific Region
Suite 201-1090 West Pender St.
Vancouver,B.C. V6E 2N7
Tel:(604) 666-0199 Fax:(604) 666-0156

Commander Paul Seguna, CD,
Southern Interior BC Outreach Officer,
National Defence Public Affairs Office-Pacific Region,
Tel: (250) 558-5503 Cell: (604) 790-0985

For more information about the Dept. of National Defence and Canadian Forces go to:








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