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Okanagan Military Museum


School Tours:

The Okanagan Military Museum offers a variety of educational tours aimed at a wide scope of school audiences within the museum education program. The museum asks for a donation of $3.00 per student for the tours.

Special Message to Teachers:

Teachers are invited to contact the museum staff to discuss the particular details of your school tour and to coordinate what type of tour would best meet the needs of your group given specialized themes and ages of the students involved.

The Okanagan Military Museum maintains a close association with the Kelowna Museum Education & Public Programming Deptartment to ensure that our educational programs meet the needs of the educational community.

We at the Okanagan Military Museum believe that we have an important role in the education of our youth on important aspects of their national and local history and strive to support educational programs in our schools.

Please book your tour as soon as possible and allow for at least two weeks notice.


Please take a look at the Virtual Classroom feature on this website - it has been included as an educational and historical reference tool for students before they visit the museum. See the link below:


Community group Tours -

The museum staff will also arrange for tours by groups from post-secondary academic institutions, corporate organizations and businesses , professional associations and special interest organizations. If you have a group interested in experiencing some of our military history contact us and we'll set up a tour for you.


Bring your group in for an informative tour!


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