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Domestic Operations - Domestic Operations, or Canadian Forces operations in Canada, have always been something that the Canadian military has been expected to do. These operations come about because the Canadian government has to resort to the use of the armed forces to deal with a situation in Canada that threatens Canadian lives and property. Some of these operations have been as a result of man-made threats such as terrorism, as in the the 1970 October Crisis, but many have been as a result of the ravages of nature.

Troop convoy arrives in Winnipeg during the flooding in 1997. (DND)

In the past ten years the Canadian Forces have involved in a number of major Domestic Operations fighting floods in Manitoba, forest fires in British Columbia and helping Canadians deal with the effects of the Great Ice Storm in Atlantic and central Canada, and Hurricane Juan in Halifax. These are special operations in which thousands of Canadian soldiers, sailors and air force personnel have been deployed at short notice and worked hard to counter dangers to Canadians at home. They have saved thousands of Canadians lives and millions of dollars of property in the process.

The Canadian Forces is also used in Canada to save lives on an ongoing basis through day-to-day Search and Rescue operations. Hundreds of Canadians are saved every year by the Canadian Forces at sea and on land in this nationwide effort.

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