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in the post-Cold War world

International Operations in the Post-Cold War world-

The Canadian Forces continue to serve Canada abroad in our own times in the same spirit as those who have worn the uniforms of the Canadian Forces in the past have done. The men and women of Canada's army, air force and navy can be anywhere in the world on any given day representing our interests in world events. From providing security in distant and troubled lands trying to find a way to stable and peaceful development within the community of nations, to enforcing international laws, combating terrorism and providing humanitarian assistance in places reeling under the shock of natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes.

The Canadian Forces are currently under going the most ambitious peacetime transformation ever attempted. Historically Canada's military and naval forces have gone through transformations over short periods of time under the impetus of changed imposed by a major crisis such as the world wars. During the Cold War the pace of technological change accelerated and Canada's air, land and sea forces were required to adapt to those technological changes as part of the overall NATO deterrent force.

In recent years the pace of that development has continued to accelerate with the addition of revolutionary new technologies and in the context of a post-Cold War era were the major threat of superpower confrontation has diminished but is now replaced by new, less easily defined threats to Canada and Canadians in an international context. The Canadian Forces have been engaged in these developments and in this change, known as the Revolution in Military Affairs or RMA.

One thing that is certain in Canada's future is that Canada will continue to need to call upon modern and capable military forces in the years to come as a responsible member of the international community. This is in keeping with Canada's military traditions and heritage, but it also speaks to our core values and perception of our continuing role and interest in exerting our influence on the events in the world around us. We wish to have an influence in the world as a nation, to protect the values that we have fought for in the past and that we continue to hold as important as we play our part in the ever unfolding development of our country as member of the community of nations that make up our world.


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